The Success of Chance Graduates

The Success of Chance Graduates

In middle school and far beyond, Chance graduates stand out. Having completed the program through Grade 5, graduates are prepared and ready for their next schools. Chance graduates are the ones who love to learn and are eager to solve problems. They are independent, yet work well cooperatively. Many work above grade level in one or more areas. They take responsibility, work on a task until it is complete and put extra effort into their projects. They are thoughtful, resourceful and resilient as they adapt to new challenges. Mature beyond their years, Chance graduates handle themselves with respect and poise and often assume leadership roles at next schools.

Our approach to education results in students who are:

  • proud of their accomplishments
  • eager to be active participants
  • confident in their abilities
  • disciplined to keep trying
  • excited about learning
  • respectful and responsible
  • thinkers and problem-solvers

What success looks like

What is success?

Because the demands of today’s world are far greater than ever before, a product-driven education is no longer sufficient. Focusing on filling in blanks on worksheets and memorizing for tests have short-term benefits; students often learn for tests and then forget the information.

Chance offers a process-driven education that develops the whole child. Our exceptionally capable students have the habits and behaviors that enable them to adapt, collaborate, achieve, contribute, lead, communicate and show respect for themselves and others. Such traits serve graduates well at next schools, in relationships and in jobs. And they serve them well in life.

Transitioning to middle school

Chance students are motivated, self-directed learners who transition beautifully to middle school. Official transcripts from their next schools show that over 95 percent of our alumni earn As and Bs in middle school and attain a variety of achievements.

As graduates move forward, they adapt to demands of a new school, schedule and routine. And they handle the transition quite well. Typically, 60 percent of Chance graduates enter sixth grade at these private, independent schools: Louisville Collegiate School, Kentucky Country Day, St. Francis School. Approximately 40 percent attend sixth through eighth grades in public middle schools, which include Noe and Meyzeek Middle Schools in Jefferson County; North and South Oldham Schools in Oldham County.

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