Tuition & Payments

Tuition & Payments

To Be Considered for Enrollment at Virginia Chance School After touring, your first step in the admissions process is to submit an Application for Admissions and $100 application fee per child along with additional papers referenced on the Application & Registration insert. Forms provided by the school are in your tour packet.

When Enrollment Decisions are Announced at Virginia Chance School Upon receiving a response to your child’s application, please secure your child’s enrollment by paying a non-refundable $800 registration fee (or a refundable $150 registration fee for Elementary financial aid applicants). The $800 registration fee is deducted from the tuition amounts shown below.

Class Options2018-19 Tuition12 Monthly PaymentsTuition Refund Plan Fee*
Half-Day Preschool to 11:30am
Two Day- Two$3,955$276$118.65
Five Day- Two$6,840$528$205.20
Three Day- Three$5,090$374$152.70
Five Day- Three$6,840$528$205.20
Five Day- Pre-K$6,840$528$205.20
Preschool Plus to 1:00pm
Two Day- Two$4,965$364$148.95
Five Day- Two$9,135$744$276.60
Three Day- Three$6,605$507$198.15
Five Day- Three$9,320$744$279.60
Five Day Pre-K$9,320$744$279.60
Full Day Preschool until 3:00pm
Five Day- Three$11,895$969$356.85
Five Day Four$11,895$969$356.85
Kindergarten/First Grade$16,720$1,390$501.60
Second & Third Grade$16,720$1390$501.60
Fourth & Fifth Grade$16,720$1390$501.60

Your tuition includes:

  • registration fee
  • field trip costs (Threes through Intermediate)
  • field trip lunches where applicable
  • school pictures
  • t-shirt
  • all student items on the preschool supply list, except for a change of clothes and diapers/wipes as needed
  • all student items on the Elementary supply list, except for personal folders, binder(s), water bottle, jump drive, pencils and backpack
  • Teacher Appreciation donation
  • classroom Auction item
  • Parents’ Council fee
  • musical instrument rental where applicable
  • organic milk for snack and lunch
  • all classroom supplies

Your tuition does not include:

  • Adult background checks of $40 per family (up to two adults) to be invoiced in June; $20 per additional adult/volunteer
  • Extended Programs: Chance Chums, Enrichments, afterschool clubs and sports
  • Snack for your child’s classmates (on a rotating basis)
  • Lunch for your child (sent from home)
  • End-of-year field trips/celebrations
  • Fundraising Initiatives – Challenge for Chance and Auction. Please understand that you have a responsibility to financially support Virginia Chance School. Please be aware that tuition does not cover the entire cost of educating our students; therefore your support is essential to the school’s ability to consistently fulfill its mission of providing academic excellence in a positive and nurturing environment. Your responsibilities include contributing to the two major fund-raising efforts of the year- Challenge for Chance and the Auction – to the fullest extent you are able.

Tuition Payment Plans
Plan 1 – Full Payment
Annual tuition balance (less the registration fee) paid in full by June 1. Tuition Refund Plan is optional.

Plan 2 – Two Payments
60% of the annual tuition paid by June 1.
40% (less the registration fee) paid by December 1.
Tuition Refund Plan is required.

Plan 3 – Twelve Payments
Twelve monthly payments including a monthly service fee, with the first payment due June 1. Tuition Refund Plan is required.

Tuition Refund Plan
Virginia Chance School offers the Tuition Refund Plan(Tuition Insurance) as a means to ensure your annual financial obligations. Parents paying tuition in full have the option of participating in the Tuition Refund Plan; families who do not pay the total annual charges by June 1 must take part in the Tuition Refund Plan. Fees are a 2.7% percentage of the tuition amount for which families are responsible at the time of enrollment. The Tuition Refund Plan is not a full refund of the total cost but a percentage of the monthly payment. The signed enrollment contract is binding as of June 1, at which time parents are liable for the school year’s entire tuition.