How We Teach

How We Teach

Learning cannot be separated from experience. Chance students learn by doing. Core curriculum serves as the foundation, and your child’s interests and natural curiosity enhance the classroom experience.

From animals to seasons to other cultures … Chance students select and study themes that build on real-life experiences. Their studies crisscross from social studies and science into math and art. You won’t find desks in rows at Chance, but you will find children actively engaged as they collaborate on group projects or select learning centers for hands-on exploration. We provide experiences that promote:

  • pride in one’s accomplishments
  • the desire to be an active participant
  • the belief that one is capable
  • the discipline to try and try again
  • the confidence to take risks as a learner
  • the attitude that learning is an exciting journey

Students’ abilities, interests, thoughts and curiosity feed the curriculum. They have routine, expectations and a lot of accountability – and they have choices.

At Virginia Chance School, we believe the goals of education are broad. We want to help children become literate, self-disciplined and socially responsible individuals who are resilient and healthy in body, mind and spirit; therefore, teaching to the whole child – cognitively, socially, emotionally, morally and physically – is our goal.