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Happy Valentine’s Day: How to Respond When Your Child Says, “I hate you!”

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Parent Tips for the HOLIDAYS!

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Gratitude Attitude in our Children: Why and How

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Math All Around Us: K/1 Introduction to Math

This weekly newsletter sent out in October 2017, is authored by K/1 Co-Teacher Team, Alayne Vokurka and Heather Isham. Introduction […] Read More

Virginia Chance School Graduate Performance

Our Graduates and How They Do After Chance How do Virginia Chance School students do after graduation? Are students prepared […] Read More

Worry Free Unstructured Play: The Hummingbird Approach

For most parents traditional unstructured play seems pretty unrealistic in today’s society. Justified unease has lead to unrealized positive outcomes […] Read More

Positive Play: How intentional inclusion builds the foundation of healthy friendships!

“You are not a member of our ‘club’!”- “Go away!” – “You were not invited to play this game!” – “We don’t want […] Read More

Schema Play: Understanding and Supporting childhood fascinations

Both Piaget and Vygotsky believed that children learn through practice and play, and that repetition is one way that children […] Read More

Play-Based Early Childhood Education: Are Children Playing or Learning? A Resounding YES!

Today, I saw an engineer building a robot, an artist painting a masterpiece, an explorer going into the woods, a mathematician […] Read More

Unstructured Play- Why Children Need to Play Without Us!

Take a moment to think about your own childhood. What did you do after school? What did it sound like? […] Read More