A New Start

Author: Debbie Houston

New Year’s Resolutions—a chance to start over, resolve to do better, set goals and declare that this year I will get my act together! My husband and I spend time every New Year’s Day reviewing our goals/resolutions from the previous year and setting new ones in these areas of our lives: Health, Financial, Professional, Personal, Emotional/Social and Spiritual. We review and ask ourselves, which goals were accomplished? Which do we want to continue? Which do we want to tweak? Which do we want to drop? Which do we replace? We ask ourselves what got in the way of unaccomplished resolutions and determine ways to keep that from happening this year. We commend ourselves for dreams realized, goals accomplished and new growth. We cringe again at those that remain on the list again this year…because we really should lose weight, exercise more and eat more healthily.

We ended up with our 2015 list of ways we want to grow and change. We then set timelines, dates to review, quarterly check-in dates and dates for completion. We devise a yearly calendar with each goal in its appropriate month or months. Lastly, we post them on our wall (not on Facebook for all to see), but with our own family calendar where we see it often.

As a matter of fact, it seems like doing that is a good thing! This week’s Louisville Business First had a great cover story, “New Year, New Goals”.

What about you? Maybe you have set new goals or maybe you resolved to resolve this year! Feeling a bit overwhelmed or have doubts about keeping those resolutions? Check out Dr. Laura Markham’s post, “The Secret to Keeping New Year’s Resolutions”.

Perhaps New Year’s Resolutions seem contrived…just part of the New Year celebration and ritual. I have a question for you: What could be valuable about taking time in your life to set aside a period of reflection and then making new plans or goals for yourself, your company, or your family?