First Day Of School: Triumphant or Trying?

Author: Debbie Houston

Cropped E-News Logo for BannerThe first day of school can be frightening, exciting, overwhelming, fun, disappointing, surprising, challenging, adventuresome, tearful, difficult, easy, chaotic, calm or even boring. I’m talking about your child’s day, not yours!

For some students, this will be their first or early experiences in school; for others, they will be having a new grade level, teachers, or classroom space.  Some will start school with a summer full of fun and some will have had significant events happen.  For all (children, parents and even faculty and staff) a new year offers opportunities to be triumphant or to find those first days trying!

Several influences can help or hinder:

Your child’s natural disposition: Is he somewhat timid or very bold? Is she comfortable and eager to meet new people or more hesitant or fearful?

Your child’s prior experiences: Has she had already had successful first days and school experiences or not? Did he have an easy time going to camp? How does she engage in new lessons or activities?

The school’s sensitivity in handling first days and transitions: Are there introductory and get-to-know-you games and activities? Do the students establish rules and classroom organization and have a voice? Is there deliberate time spent to set a nurturing and positive learning environment? Are there parameters set so children believe they will have a safe and healthy classroom? Are there learning experiences that are fun, hands-on, discovery-based, creative and challenging? Are their daily opportunities for play and social interactions?

I can assure you that at Virginia Chance School we will go above and beyond to do our part to help your child have a triumphant first day, second day, third day and new school year! There are lots of ways you can help too. Click below for ways you can help your child get off to a great start of the school year: