Martin Luther King Day: Continue the Dream

Author: Debbie Houston


Martin Luther King Day is not the only day to acknowledge and appreciate the important work in the civil rights movement, but it is a day that matters. It is a day (his birthday that is now celebrated on the third Monday in January) that our country has deemed his life and his work so significant that we honor him. Here are ten ways to make sure you and your children continue the dream…

1. Read a book about discrimination or the civil rights movement and discuss it with your child. A list of Martin Luther King books and below that a list of civil rights or ideals are here:

2. Take the weekend and go to a Civil Rights site or Black History Museum:

3. Go online and see the march and hear Dr. King deliver his “I have a Dream” speech.

4. Talk about how YOU and YOUR family live his dream each day.

5. Discuss people who still experience discrimination and do something to help.

6. Go online to play online games and do activities to educate your children about the life and achievements of Dr. King.

7. Work for a cause just as Dr. King did. You might talk to your friends or neighbors or collect in your neighborhood for a cause or charity your children want to support.

8. Take an inventory of your books: How many books do you have on black history? Do you have multicultural books, books on how to treat others, spiritual books, and books to teach Dr. King’s

message? Go the library or bookstore and add a book to your home library.

9. Determine to live each day, not just Martin Luther King Day, respecting all people.

10. Determine how you, your child, your family can change the world.

YOU can make a difference. Let freedom ring.

Debbie Houston, Head of School

Virginia Chance School