Travel Game Ideas and Road Trip Entertainment

Author: Olivia Nalley

Post from Teachers- Mueller/Weber:

Summer Break is almost here, and many of you will be taking road trips to exciting far-off places! With that in mind, consider a few of these road trip entertainment ideas. These alternatives to technology can be entertaining for both you and your child! Not taking a long trip? That’s okay, many of these ideas would be appropriate for just driving around town. Being in such a highly mobile society, why not make the most of the travel time by engaging your child in some quality, engaging, learning activities!

For Fine Motor Development:

  • Pack a dry-erase board and a marker: writing, drawing, coloring, the options are endless with an erasable surface!
  • Pipe Cleaners: practice making letters or pictures, or just design elaborate structures. This activity is affordable, clean, and quiet (a parent favorite, I’m sure!)
  • Finger Knitting! It may sound complicated, but it is quite simple. There are several simple video tutorials available online if you don’t already know this crafty skill.

For Literacy Development:

  • Gel Window Clings: Use these wonderfully adaptable toys to tell stories. Take turns with your child making up stories using the shapes/objects as characters and setting. How many stories can you create using the same window clings?
  • Play a game of 20 questions! Never played? All you need to do is think of a person, place, or thing, and let everyone take a turn to ask you a “yes” or “no” question until someone guesses what you are thinking.
  • Play a game of License Plate Hunt (or billboards also): Try to find every letter of the alphabet in order, or spell each family member’s name – License grid here, Alpha grid.

For Mathematical Development:

  • Jigsaw Puzzle: Provide your child with a small cookie sheet (with raised edges) and a jigsaw puzzle. The cookie sheet serves as a work surface and keeps the pieces from escaping.
  • Tangram Challenge: Using that same cookie sheet as a work surface again, try some tangram challenges or just create geometric pictures using the shapes. Tangram templates and puzzles are widely available online and online require some printing/cutting to prepare.
  • Make a map of your journey: The goal is to identify landmarks, landforms, interesting roadside features, or anything really. Or perhaps the map could serve more like a timeline of the journey. If you take the same route on your return trip, see if you can spot the key features in reverse order.

Develop a game or activity with your child

The suggestions above are only a beginning list of ideas, but hopefully, it will serve you as a creative jumpstart to some road trip entertainment alternatives. And perhaps the best idea of all, develop a game or activity with your child. You could do this before you leave or as you go. Give your child the opportunity to develop a concept, even if you think (or know) it won’t work exactly as they planned. It could be a fantastic opportunity for problem-solving together! The process of creating a game can be (and often is) more enjoyable than the game product. Who knows, maybe you will create a family favorite that you all look forward to playing during road trips!

Happy Travels!

Teachers- Mueller/Weber

Taken from this original weekly update to parents of one of our Fours/Jr. Kindergarten classes.