Student Testimonial – Alyssa C.

“Being a student at Chance School means I am an individual. I am ready to learn and I am always happy where I am. The wonderful teachers are so easy to connect with. They inspire me to learn and make learning a fun part of everyday.

I also enjoy all of the individual reports and group projects we do in classes such as Math, Theme and Writing. We get to choose books for reading on our own in addition to being a part of organized literature groups. Our Specialists teachers at Chance have the most interesting programs in Media, Library and Foreign Language. The Visual and Performing Art Classes such as Music, Chorus and Art have been a favorite of everyone’s over the years. I credit much of my love and ability in these areas to the best art and music teachers in the world!

Physical Education teachers at Chance are second to none. They push us to do our best while giving constructive criticism and bright compliments. My favorite thing ever about Chance School is how we are always outside and part of such a beautiful environment. Hands on activities make most everything more fun. That is why Chance School is known as the place ‘Where learning comes to life!'”

Alyssa C. – Intermediate 5 (Grade 5) Student