Student Testimonial – Cameron K.

“I am four. I go to school at Chance.

Ms. Malthouse, my teacher, is good at telling people what we are doing today. She tells us how to stick a magnet to a ball and move the ball to the right number. You need one ball for number 1 and two balls for number 2. I can go all the way to 9! Ms. Malthouse helped me build a track for trains and cars I was playing with.

Ms. Ann teaches us art. We did witches for Halloween. My witch was black with a orange bottle cap nose. I like to sit by Ms. Ann at snack time where we have carrots and crackers and I brought cantaloupe.

Did you know I can count all the way to 14?

I like to play with the sand table, in the kitchen with the plastic food and the microwave that goes “beep” and with the blocks.

We get to slide down the slide, jump on the jumpy thing, and play hopscotch in the Fun Room. Sometimes I see my brother at school. He is in third grade.

We work hard to be on time for carpool in the morning.”

Cameron K. – Five-day Three Student