Graduate Testimonial – Kesric M.

“As far as I can remember my Chance School experiences were very special to me. The office staff and teachers were always very nice. The class rooms were always good environments to learn in. Learning was made fun because you were allowed at some times to play games to help understand the material.

My favorite thing about Chance was the Intermediate classroom. I liked this classroom because we always did fun subjects for learning, and we went on very fun field trips.

Another reason I liked this classroom was because Mrs. McCormack and Mrs. Starr were really good teachers and were very persistent in making sure everyone was on task.

One thing that is special about Chance School is that all the teachers make learning fun and really seem to enjoy their jobs. The Everyday Math Program that Chance uses is really great and has made me love math.

Another special thing about Chance School is the Fall Festival. During the Fall Festival all of the kids from third grade up play a Steal the Ball game, but the Intermediates play against the Alumni. When all that is over you go across the street and play games, and eat delicious food.”

Kesric M. – 2010 Chance Graduate