Graduate Testimonial- Ariana M.

Excerpt from email 6/27/16 from Parent:

Here’s a great story for you. Ariana is now in Year 9, which is a tough year for girls here (attending overseas). Friendship trouble, teacher drama, all of that. Two of her friends are fighting right now, and Ariana was helping one of them respond to some pretty nasty texts.
Ariana: I kick some serious butt at arguments!

Me: (laughing) How did you get to be so good at fighting?

Ariana: I learned it at Chance School!

Me: What happened? Did a teacher sit you down and teach you how to fight fair?

Ariana: No, I learned how to respect people.

So yeah, Chance is an incredible gift and I am so grateful to you, Debbie, and the BOT for stewarding this treasure so gracefully. It brings tears to my eyes to think of the years of more students who get to receive this gift.

Ariana M. – Chance Graduate (Mother, Lopa wanted us to share)