Graduate Testimonial – Rushil S.

“The Chance Experience was better than I could have gotten at any other school. There are endless memories I made there.. Chance made learning fun. I always looked forward to going to school.

My favorite memories were how we got to go in the woods. I love how involved I could be, and how I was academically and physically prepared for middle school. Another one of my favorites was all the awesome field trips we went on. I liked how we could choose what to study in science and history, and all the fun things we could do in specialists’ classes. In library we could check out lots of books, and in Media we did lots of fun power points. In Spanish, we learned a lot and I was well prepared for Spanish in Middle School.

I was well prepared for middle school especially for Math, in which I can understand lots of new information. In word study and English my vast knowledge of words from Chance helped me so much. In fact, the Chance Experience probably was one of the best things that I could have ever experienced.

I, indeed, had great learning experiences at Chance. Chance helped me and stood by me on my way to middle school and has made anything I do easier. I truly cherish my memories at Chance.”

Rushil S., 2011 Chance Graduate