Student Testimonial – Jackson K.

“I have been at Chance since I was 3 years old. I am 8 now and am in the third grade. So, basically, I have spent a lot of my life here.

I don’t remember much about what I did at Chance when I was three. My mom reminded me that my teachers were Miss Nonee and Miss BJ. I do remember meeting Coby when I was little because he is still my friend at Chance. We play tennis together in the Fun Room.

I have some favorite things about Chance. They are the teachers, learning math, and playing in the woods. I remember my teachers since kindergarten. You get to have them for two years. I had Mr. Stevens who does the Fall hike and knows a lot about nature. Ms. Usher read books to us in group. Then I was a second-grader with Ms. Farmer and Ms. Linde. Ms. Linde is really good at teaching word study and I love spelling. Miss Farmer is teaching me so much about math. Right now we are learning about multiplication and division.

Older kids get to play in the woods by the school. I mostly play with Coby, Keaton, and Bennett in the woods where we look for animal tracks to see what lives there. We look for bears, deer, and coyotes. We have seen a fox and some deer, but no coyotes or bears yet.

If you get to go the Chance, you will have an awesome time.”

Jackson K. – Primary 3 (Grade 3) Student