Teacher Testimonial – Janie Langan

“I have taught Art over the past 30 years in many parochial and private schools in the Louisville area and inspired each child over the past 20 years at Chance. Never have I found an environment as enriching as Chance School. The teachers and children enter the building each day with smiles and are challenged with a stimulating and challenging curriculum that develops the whole child. Whether it is Math, Language Arts, Music, PE, Science or Art, the child challenges social, physical, cognitive and creative skills.

It’s ‘home away from home’ and we all love working in this environment. With a class size of 8-12 students, art students are allowed time for brainstorming + hands-on activities + critiques and sharing artwork, which ensures success and growth for every child in the classroom. As the Art Specialist, it brings me great joy to watch my students blossom into amazing young artists. My resources are plentiful and the administration values the Arts as an essential building block to education.”

Janie Langan
Art Specialist for Preschool through Intermediate 5