Parent Testimonial – Kate McDermott

“Coming to a new city, I had no community until I found Chance. Once here, I found people that went beyond a cordial ‘Hello’ to a ‘Would you like to meet for coffee?’ – not in an overwhelming way, but in a genuine way. It was refreshing. This sense of community trickles down to the kids. At Chance School all kids are friends. There are no boundaries, there are no groups. It is the culture to be inclusive and kind to all.

From the tour, I knew Chance School was like no school I had ever known – and I knew it was the perfect place for my son’s preschool years. When it was time for kindergarten, I did not want my child to leave. Not only is my oldest child at Chance, but so are his three younger brothers. Each is unique in his interests, abilities, perspectives and challenges. Each thrives at Chance School. They do it their own way, at their own pace and they blossom.”

Kate McDermott
Parent of Sam, Jack, Max and Wil, current students