Student Testimonial – Desric M.

“I have gone to Chance School for 5 years. When I was 4 years old, my best friend and I use to draw under the table with crayons. That’s what I remember about my 4 year old experience at Chance.

When I started kindergarten, my classroom was in a Tree house which was the highest point of the school. I loved my classroom and had so much fun with my friends and teachers. Our school work was always fun because we got to choose what we wanted to talked about in class.

My fondest memory at Chance School will always be PE with Ms. Patti and all my other Specialist classes and teachers.. My other memories are all the fieldtrips I have gone on since I was 4 years old, every single Derby Hat Parade, Egg Drop, and Pajama Day.

My most favorite thing about Chance School is that all of my teachers are really nice and care about me. We always have fun no matter what we are doing in the classroom or outside. My favorite subject at Chance is math but I am really starting to like silent reading. The more I read, the more I am realizing how much fun it is to read different books.

Chance School is a special school to me. I have two teachers in my classroom to help me with my work. I do not have many students in class with me. Having a small class is good because the teachers can easily make sure everyone is ok and understand the work. My classmates and I are friends and we try to take care of one another.”

Desric M. – Primary 3 (Third Grade) Student