Student Testimonial – Olivia C.

“I like a lot of stuff. The teachers are so caring, and I’ve been there for so long that everybody knows me and everybody is really nice. When I first went there, I thought this is so cool because this is the perfect size for me. And all of the classrooms are big enough, you get to sit by your friends, and there are no uniforms.

There are two teachers, so every teacher gets to pay attention to every kid. You get to spend two years with the teachers, so when you really like the teachers, like Mrs. Farmer and Mrs. Linde, then you will be excited when you come back the next year, and you won’t be sad. My pre-school teachers are usually sitting, waiting for the pre-schoolers so I get to say “hi” since I don’t get to see them a lot. Then sometimes I sneak when I am returning a library book, and it’s just nearing lunch, I sneak up to my kindergarten teachers classroom so I can see them again.

When summer comes I get sad because I miss going through the hallways, and I miss doing art, and music, and Spanish, and media, and all of that stuff.”

Olivia C. – Primary 3 (Grade 3) Student