Student Testimonial – Jacob F.

”When I think of Chance School I think of hands-on learning, caring teachers and awesome specialists. At Chance all the teachers treat students with respect and listen to their opinions.

I came to Chance when I was three years old. My teachers were Mrs. Malthouse and Miss Ann. We had so much fun watching the birds from our classroom window and doing science experiments on science day. Mrs. Malthouse and Miss Ann made learning our numbers and letters fun by putting them to music. I will never forget being the Ringmaster in our Spring Fling and singing Miss Mary Mack.

In the fours I did a lot of building at the blocks center. Miss Kathy and Miss Melissa also taught us manners. We all dressed up one day, had a fancy snack and all ate together at our snack table. I loved going to Miss Melissa‘s house for our end of the year party.

Then came the Treehouse. Wow, there were a lot of stairs! It felt like we were on top of the world. Mr. Stevens and Miss Usher made everyday fun. I met my best friends Kase and Luke in the Treehouse. We always went outside for playtime and finally got to play in the woods. I loved working in the garden and at the workbench. My mom still has a piece of artwork I made at the workbench hanging in our kitchen. I will never forget the cookouts we had at the fire circle with our parents. It was hard to leave the Treehouse but I was excited to see all of my friends who had been in first grade the year before.

The summer before I started second grade in the Lodge I received a letter from my teachers, Mrs. Farmer and Mrs. Linde. They told me how much they were looking forward to having me in their class. Then I also received a letter from my good friend Matthew who was going to be in third grade in the same class. Reading their letters made me very excited. Primary was just as much fun as I had hoped it would be. I will never forget going to Kart Kountry for our Third Grade Day. It rained but we still played Putt-putt outside and had the best time ever!

I was very nervous my first day of Intermediate. I had always looked up to the Intermediate students and thought of them as being the leaders of the school. Now it was my turn. I knew I was going to be given a lot more responsibility and even though I felt ready I was still nervous. After the first day I felt right at home in the Cottage. I will never forget the first time we went out to the woods for playtime and officially got to play in the Intermediate fort! Then at the end of the year we went to Cincinnati for our class trip. The Zoo, Museum and Aquarium were so much fun. We spent the night at Great Wolf Lodge. It felt like we were one big family on vacation.

Now that I am in fifth grade I realize that my time as a Chance student is coming to an end. I have been excited to come to school every day since I have been three. I think that is amazing. Chance has made me a confident learner and respectful friend. It is hard to imagine going to another school but I know I will be ready to tackle any challenges I face because of what I have learned at Chance.”

Jacob F. – Intermediate 5 (Fifth Grade) Student