Graduate Testimonial – Kesric M.

Graduate - Kesric M.

“As far as I can remember my Chance School experiences were very special to me. The office staff and teachers were always very nice. The class rooms were always good environments to learn in. Learning was made fun because you were allowed at some times to play games to help understand the material.

My favorite thing about Chance was the Intermediate classroom. I liked this classroom because we always did fun subjects for learning, and we went on very fun field trips.

Another reason I liked this classroom was because Mrs. McCormack and Mrs. Starr were really good teachers and were very persistent in making sure everyone was on task.

One thing that is special about Chance School is that all the teachers make learning fun and really seem to enjoy their jobs. The Everyday Math Program that Chance uses is really great and has made me love math.

Another special thing about Chance School is the Fall Festival. During the Fall Festival all of the kids from third grade up play a Steal the Ball game, but the Intermediates play against the Alumni. When all that is over you go across the street and play games, and eat delicious food.”

Kesric M. – 2010 Chance Graduate

Graduate Testimonial – Rushil S.

Graduate - Rushil S.

“The Chance Experience was better than I could have gotten at any other school. There are endless memories I made there.. Chance made learning fun. I always looked forward to going to school.

My favorite memories were how we got to go in the woods. I love how involved I could be, and how I was academically and physically prepared for middle school. Another one of my favorites was all the awesome field trips we went on. I liked how we could choose what to study in science and history, and all the fun things we could do in specialists’ classes. In library we could check out lots of books, and in Media we did lots of fun power points. In Spanish, we learned a lot and I was well prepared for Spanish in Middle School.

I was well prepared for middle school especially for Math, in which I can understand lots of new information. In word study and English my vast knowledge of words from Chance helped me so much. In fact, the Chance Experience probably was one of the best things that I could have ever experienced.

I, indeed, had great learning experiences at Chance. Chance helped me and stood by me on my way to middle school and has made anything I do easier. I truly cherish my memories at Chance.”

Rushil S., 2011 Chance Graduate

Graduate Testimonial – Matthew I.

Graduate - Matthew I.

“I came to Chance School as a four-year old in the preschool. I remember the first time we went outside on the playground and I thought what an awesome place to explore! Our days in the fours were spent playing with Lego’s, creating art, and singing songs. Who knew that learning could be so much fun!

As my years at Chance flew by, I learned more than just reading, writing, and math. I learned how to work with my friends to put on a school performance in music. We all had to work together as a team to make the show a success.

At every grade level, I learned skills such as researching, making presentations, and public speaking to create theme related projects. These projects allowed me to explore ideas of interest to me and to share the information I learned with others in my class. Through these projects I learned how to give feedback in a positive way and to receive feedback and use it to make changes on future projects.

In art we learned that there is more than one way of looking at the world. Everyone interprets things differently and in their own way, but everyone’s point of view is important and needs to be respected.

Chance School gave me the self-confidence to know that I was ready and well-prepared to move on and that I would succeed at my new school.”

Matthew I. – 2011 Chance Graduate

Graduate Testimonial – Camille R.

Graduate - Camille R.

“Chance will always have a special place in my heart. This kind and caring school has given me an amazing education, lots of love, and great opportunities to explore even more of the world. This school treats people personally, I got the individual care I needed. The teachers are amazing. They provide everything you’ll need (and more!) for middle school. Also I’ve noticed now in my sixth grade work, even being in the GT (Gifted and Talented) program, school is still easy! Chance taught me very advanced work, and moving on to sixth grade, doing everything is a snap. Every aspect of Chance School seems to be perfect.

For me, the people there are like family. Chance will always be in my heart.”

Camille R. – 2011 Chance Graduate

Graduate Testimonial – Jacob D.

Graduate - Jacob D.

“During my years at Chance School, I really learned a lot. I remember the friendly teachers and staff – everyone knew my name and cared about me. I enjoyed many of the subjects, mostly math and music. My music teacher, Ms. Hampton, inspired and challenged me, both in school and in my private piano lessons. Now in 7th grade at Meyzeek Middle School, I play the French Horn and have just earned the honor of first chair in All County Band.

I have also accelerated in math, thanks in part to the skills I learned at Chance and the extra effort my teachers made to keep me challenged when I was ready to move ahead. Math was made fun and exciting! I was more than prepared for my math classes at the AP level in middle school and tested into the Integrated Math Program for my 7th and 8th grade years.”

Jacob D. – 2010 Chance Graduate
Attended Chance from age 2-10 years of age