Parent Testimonial – Brenda Sullivan

Brenda Sullivan

“Chance’s ‘no grade’ system takes off the invisible pressure of testing. Students are assessed continually, and the teachers are very well aware of the student’s level of learning and retention.

Tyler is testing well at their next school because he is comfortable with his ability to learn and retain, and his good grades are reflective of the independent learning habits he gained at Chance.”

Brenda Sullivan
Parent of Tyler and Coley, Chance graduates

(update 2016- Tyler is now a Junior at Princeton and Coley is a Freshman at Brown)

Parent Testimonial – Kate McDermott

Kate McDermott

“Coming to a new city, I had no community until I found Chance. Once here, I found people that went beyond a cordial ‘Hello’ to a ‘Would you like to meet for coffee?’ – not in an overwhelming way, but in a genuine way. It was refreshing. This sense of community trickles down to the kids. At Chance School all kids are friends. There are no boundaries, there are no groups. It is the culture to be inclusive and kind to all.

From the tour, I knew Chance School was like no school I had ever known – and I knew it was the perfect place for my son’s preschool years. When it was time for kindergarten, I did not want my child to leave. Not only is my oldest child at Chance, but so are his three younger brothers. Each is unique in his interests, abilities, perspectives and challenges. Each thrives at Chance School. They do it their own way, at their own pace and they blossom.”

Kate McDermott
Parent of Sam, Jack, Max and Wil, current students

Parent Testimonial – Jacqueline Klein

“In the elementary program at Chance, the kids have very defined work goals each week. And while they are allowed choices while achieving those goals, they create a plan to meet the requirements of the project. Max was allowed to explore and create but within very defined boundaries and under a specific timeframe. Teachers set expectations that were attainable but stretched students without frustrating them. And because Chance’s Progress Report was very in-depth, I felt very connected to how Max was progressing on the continuum.”

Jacqueline Klein
Parent of Max, Chance graduate

Parent Testimonial – Anne Happel

“Chance has given my children the gift of ‘loving to learn’ and I attribute this to the unique learning environment and the extraordinary group of teachers. They really get to know their students! There is no better feeling for me as a parent than knowing my children are genuinely cared for, loved and safe.”

Anne Happel
Parent of Charlotte, Chance graduate and Cole, current student

Parent Testimonial – Layla Musselman

“Chance is growing thinkers. Children who ask questions become adults who never stop learning. That is a very valuable gift for our children – the self-confidence to be anything they want and the skills to make it happen.”

Layla Musselman
Parent of Stella, Carolina, and Ford
Current students

Parent Testimonial – Polly and Bill Cunningham

“Finding Chance for our children was like finding the right house – from the moment you walk in, you know it is where you are supposed to be. From the engagement and patience of the teachers to the motivation and enthusiasm of the students, we wanted this for our children’s elementary school education. Our children are appreciated and encouraged to learn in ways that excite and sustain them.

This became especially evident when, during their first year at Chance, our children were struggling with some of their work. We met with their teachers to develop a plan that allowed our children more time and support. We are grateful to have had such attention given to our children’s well-being. Our children made the adjustment well and were more than prepared for first grade this year.”

Polly and Bill Cunningham
Parents of Polly and William, current students

Parent Testimonial – Christina Theile

“Upon entering the school, you feel like Chance is something magical, special. The classrooms don’t feel like traditional schools that have ‘teacher-created’ bulletin boards and straight rows of desks. You will quickly notice that the children’s work adorn all of the walls, and bright windows look out to a beautiful natural setting.

I had the opportunity to work in one of these unique classrooms as a long term substitute before I became a Chance parent, and I can attest that the teachers are the most dedicated and creative I have ever come across.

If I were to create the perfect school, it would be exactly like Chance.”

Christina Theile
Parent of Gabriella and Payton, current students

Parent Testimonial – Cheryl Kersey

“From the moment I saw Chance School, I knew this was where I wanted my son to be. The classrooms were bright, active, full of energy and creativity, and the children were having fun learning. The educations program at Chance builds on the previous year, and emphasis is placed on learning the material, not memorization.”

Cheryl Kersey
Parent of Kyle, Chance graduate

Parent Testimonial – Joanna Haas

“Chance had a magnetic effect on me the minute I walked through the doors. I was seeking a highly creative preschool environment that would feed my son’s natural curiosity about the world around him. I wanted a place, and a group of people, who would cherish my son’s wonderful and seemingly unending exuberance and intensity. At the same time, while he is ‘constant motion’ and very comfortable in a science-and-engineering-mode, he also loves art, music and books. I wanted to be sure that all of these experiences would be offered to him so that he could chart his own course of discovery and expand his view of the world. Our first-year experience at Chance delivered all that, and more.”

Joanna Haas, Executive Director at Kentucky Science Center and Parent of Winston, current student